Thursday, 21 July 2011

Frustrating times call for creative intervention!!

So work and school have both been getting me down lately, with work cutting my shifts and school saying that one of my core units I need to do is already full one day after I get my offer of acceptance letter! What the hell is up with that? It's not like I sat around for a few weeks twiddling my thumbs, we're talking one day here people! So I'm doing some running around trying to get into it anyways, we'll see how we go. Updates once I hear back on that. But here are some pretty marigolds I planted out back to start making my backyard a bit more livable and less 'jungle like' as some of my friends described it.

But onto the fun parts! The creative intervention side of my life lately. I saw this blog post on Today's Nest, and it inspired me to do a project something similar for myself! I decided to use candles instead of bulbs as I have no clue about how to connect wires and bits, and Dave was a bit concerned I might electrocute myself in the process. I started out by finding and keeping any wide mouth glass jars I could find, and a good clean of the fridge came up with some winners that we were never going to be using again. I stumbled across some little glass tea light holders at IKEA which worked perfectly to glue into the bottom of the jars so that the candles would sit flat and not flop around in the bottom of the jar as the bottoms aren't flat. Then I wound wire around the top and attached it onto the thick twine I strung up in the back yard. Spray painting all the jar lids white makes them all have a similar look even though they are all different shapes and sizes. I keep the lids on when its raining (like it is right now) so the jars dont fill up with water and dirt, and just take them off when I'm actually burning the candles. 1 string of 3 is all finished, just waiting on more jars to work on the next two!


  1. I love this idea and will be stealing it also.
    Also, the soap arrived and my husband LOVES it. He totally stole it and has been using it ALL the time.
    Do you make the walnut scrub soap in a more masculine scent? If so, I will be buying in bulk :-P

  2. Glad you like my DIY project and the soaps! And yes, I just finished my manlier version of my salt soaps yesterday, so should be available in the next coming days for sale once they've cured enough and I've packaged them all up. :)

  3. What a great project - you're so Martha Stewart! They really look good :)