Saturday, 3 September 2011

Ahhhh crap.

I did it again, I let my life come between me and my blogging. Shame! I will subsequently attempt to recap the last month and a bit of goings on here in a single non ranting post.
Started my nursing course and also got a puppy. Her name is Sally and she is now the love of Dave and our lives now. Nursing is going well, although full on, which hasn't left me huge amounts of spare time for blogging or soap creating sadly. Hopefully I'll strike the right balance somewhere in the near future. So no life and lack of sleep pretty much sums up the rest of that month. Dave and I also celebrated our anniversary, but sadly no giant metal chickens.

Wow, ok when I write it like that I see why I haven't been blogging, I haven't done an interesting goddamn thing since I've started back at uni. That's ok though, I quite enjoy the relaxing pace of doing as little as possible whenever allowable.

I'll do my best to post all my non goings on more regularly from here on in! :) (which should hopefully include some soaping at some point down the line)


  1. Um, hello, *I* am the love of your life!

  2. This is your sister btw. Apparently I am signed in with the wrong account. Hrmph.

  3. Haha sorry about that, I mean aside from you obviously. ;)