Monday, 5 September 2011

Holiday gift certificates!!

I know it may seem 1. A bit early to be excited about the holidays coming up and 2. Not worth getting excited about in the first place, but I plan to debunk both these misguided thoughts. With my Etsy store (shameless self promotion!!) I wanted a way for people to let their friends and family members choose their own presents for themselves, or shock, horror, you either have no clue what they want, or no time to go out and spend three hours trekking around a hot, overcrowded shopping mall filled with coughing sneezing people, whinging kids and annoying shop assistants only to find out that Star Trek figurine you needed for Uncle Barry just got sold to the pushy lady with the frumpy hat in front of you.
So with that fantastic mental picture, if you don't pop off and get yourself a gift certificate right now then you have my sympathies. But not too much, cause really, I want you to get a gift voucher!! That's all the rant I have left in me, I shall post photos of said amazing gift cards once their all made up! Woo!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Ahhhh crap.

I did it again, I let my life come between me and my blogging. Shame! I will subsequently attempt to recap the last month and a bit of goings on here in a single non ranting post.
Started my nursing course and also got a puppy. Her name is Sally and she is now the love of Dave and our lives now. Nursing is going well, although full on, which hasn't left me huge amounts of spare time for blogging or soap creating sadly. Hopefully I'll strike the right balance somewhere in the near future. So no life and lack of sleep pretty much sums up the rest of that month. Dave and I also celebrated our anniversary, but sadly no giant metal chickens.

Wow, ok when I write it like that I see why I haven't been blogging, I haven't done an interesting goddamn thing since I've started back at uni. That's ok though, I quite enjoy the relaxing pace of doing as little as possible whenever allowable.

I'll do my best to post all my non goings on more regularly from here on in! :) (which should hopefully include some soaping at some point down the line)