Friday, 15 July 2011

Salty salty goodness: Part II

So after much enthusiasm and man soaps mailed off, I've still got a few last bars awaiting their new homes! But after coming away from Australia Post, and finding out they've now raised their prices for overseas parcels so that each bar of soap costing nearly $10 to send to Canada and the US! Highway robbery I tell you!! So these last few bars I'm going to only send to others in Australia to try and save on postage. Sorry to any of you northies if you missed out, write strongly worded letters of complaint I say!! But not to fret, if you had already sent me through asking for one, it's on its way! :)
On a different note entirely, I got my marks back for Uni today, and got 1 distinction and 3 high distinctions! Yay! Onto nursing full steam I say.

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo!! When do you find out about nursing school?
    I can't believe it's $10 to send a frickin' bar of soap! I'm sending you come cash.