Monday, 13 June 2011


I've been sitting here for awhile wondering what I should start this thing off with, so instead I'll just jump right into my day with some explanations with what's been going on recently for me.

Right at this moment in time I'm a bit pissed off actually as our landlord just decided to come cut down our huge beautiful jasmine bush that covered our whole carport and sheltered our cars without even bothering to call and ask us, and there's now bits of shit all over my car from the chainsaws they used to cut it down. Not happy!!! Grrr. As far as I was aware you actually had to call and let the tenant know you were going on their property and cutting down stuff there. GRRR!! Ok, I will try and suppress my rage and carry on...

Yesterday I made my first chicken stock from scratch for dinner tonight. I made a roast chicken on the weekend which Dave really enjoyed, and I wanted to turn the scraps into another yummy meal, and this was a good way to reuse and recycle perfectly good food that most of us just throw out. I've been on a big cooking kick lately now that its winter and cool enough to turn on the stove, so I have been cooking my little heart out much to Dave's satisfaction!

<--- Stock after 4 hours of glorious cooking. Yummy!!!
Tonight = some sort of soup using my fantastic homemade stock


  1. You're so domestic!
    Sorry about your bitchass landlord >.<

  2. Haha thanks! Yeah I think is required.

  3. The link on my page to yours works now....must have just been blogger being dumb the other night.