Saturday, 18 June 2011


So exams finished Friday. Yesterday was Saturday. I worked a ten hour shift at Little Creatures which is a cool place to work but after ten hours on my feet I'm wiped. Got up extra early today to finish moving the very last of my belongings from my apartment into Dave's place until we find a house of our own (exciting!!). Working again today after moving my stuff. ...And the keys have to be back by Tuesday. So much for a relaxing creative weekend. I think it might be a few weeks before this place is in any shape to allow me the space needed for soaping. Its starting to look more and more like a sardine tin crammed full of housewares. :P Can't wait til we find a house of our own with SPACE glorious glorious space. Ahhhh... *deep breath* we'll get there.


  1. How many sq ft is your current place and how many is the place you're looking at buying?

  2. Small vs. big! I'm not sure to be honest, that's a Dave question. ;)