Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Business meeting

So yesterday I caught up with my homegirl and fellow Etsy shop owner Emma from Eclare designs to have a bit of a catch up and to talk about new different ways to get our fabulous products out to our wonderful to be customers! That's where things seem to get a bit difficult. We have the products, we have the shop, we're ready to sell sell sell! ...but then what? How do we get the word out to people? I've tried Google Adwords and Facebook advertising, it seems to cost a fair bit, and so far doesn't seem to get much traffic that actually leads to sales. Mail drops are time consuming and if other people are anything like me, just throw out the bulk of junk mail if its not addressed to them. Markets are a good start, but sadly here in Perth, WA markets are far and few between, and the ones we do have seem to have ridiculous stall prices. $120 - $150 dollars for 1 stall for a one day market seems pretty high to me. I would have to sell around 20 bars of soap just to cover the cost of the stall! Gah. Hopefully others out there in our soapy little universe know a bit about what I'm saying, and maybe even have some out of the box suggestions. I like things outside the box. Boxes schmoxes I say! That's about it really. If I have the chance today I'm going to try and make a cp salt bar in some random scent which I haven't quite figured out yet... :P

On non soapy dealings Dave and I went to the bank today and got pre-approval for a loan for the house we've been looking at, so double yay!! Hopefully we'll go round this weekend for a second look and to chat to the real estate agent and suss out all of the details. Fingers crossed! :D


  1. I can't believe you used the word 'homegirl'. It's a good thing you're my sister or I might have had to unfollow you ;-)
    And those market stall fees are outrageous!

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of homegirl if its used properly and in small doses. ;) And yes I agree about the market stall prices. I'm tempted to start up a guerrilla market scene around here. :P